Elimediterranea works in whole Italy and all over the world with single engine and twin engine helicopters.

  1. Transport of passengers

    The versatility of the helicopter, used for short distances, is appreciated to reach distant locations reducing drasticly the time of transfers.

  2. Remote Sensing

    Elimediterranea provides remote sensing services through an airborne platform made of a laser scanner (LIDAR), hyperspectral, thermal and high-resolution digital cameras.

  3. Firefighting

    The company provides fire fighting, civil protection and rescue services in Calabria Region, responding promptly to any requirements inherent to the transport of, search for, evacuation and rescue of people.

  4. Aerial Work

    For more than 15 years, Elimediterranea performs aerial work operations all over the Country. Due to their load capacity and versatility, helicopters are irreplaceable in this sector. Only helicopters are able to carry out aerial construction and cargo hook works in inaccessible areas.