Aerial Work

For more than 15 years, Elimediterranea performs aerial work operations all over the Country.

Due to their load capacity and versatility, helicopters are irreplaceable in this sector. Only helicopters are able to carry out aerial construction and cargo hook works in inaccessible areas.

The company holds the Aerial Work Operator Certificate n. I-059LA and satisfies the ENAC regulations to conduct Aerial Work Activities. It’s authorized to perform the following operations:

  • aerial advertising;
  • aerial photography;
  • aerial survey;
  • aerial sprying including firefighting;
  • aerial lifting.


  • External load operations

    The use of the helicopter in placing and transport of pylons, cables, antennas and other materials is efficient and economically viable and means to save money.

    Elimediterranea can effectively erect, remove and replace all types of antennas and antenna towers in locations that are inaccessible by heavy equipment from the ground. Its experienced pilots can perform these tasks with the necessary precision to provide a cost effective alternative to more traditional construction methods.

  • Aerial photography

    With the installation of a camera, the Company is able to effect general territory controls as well as particular power line inspections, traffic control and monitoring, researches, and ecological studies in which it is specialized.